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09 Apr 2013

Firmware Update for Time Zone Issue

New version of TR610 firmware (5.00.00) is released for conformity to the current AggreGate timestamp mechanism. The timestamp is now unified as UTC time and TR610 can be set to its local time zone for correct time disply. For all AggreGate versions before version 4.50.00, you should still use the older firmware (4.00.01), for all versions after, you should use the latest firmware.

30 March 2010

New TR610 Firmware and Manuals

We have just posted a new major version (3.03.00) of the TR610 firmware, along with its source code. This is a major release, bumping TR610 from 2.x to 3.x, and adding a new "white list" feature. The manual has also been extensively updated. Get the files at the Downloads page.

16 November 2009

New TR610 Firmware

We have just posted a new version (2.02.05) of the TR610 firmware, along with its source code. It's mainly a bugfix release, with new LCD support and some changes in web login delay. Get it at the Downloads page.

10 August 2009

New TR610 Model with Mifare

In addition to the existing TR610R, we have now released the TR610MF equipped with a Mifare proximity reader.

Time Zone Menu

By default, the clock comes with a generic Time Zone menu. This menu is used to set your time zone for synchronization with SNTP servers.

Since the clock is sold worldwide, the default menu options are generic. It has entries such as -10 (meaning -10:00 hours compared to GMT), +3:30, etc. But as you are probably only using the clock on one or two time zones, why not localize this menu so that it displays fewer options, with more descriptive names?

For our purposes, let's say you have three offices. One is in Taipei, Taiwan (UTC+8), the other is in Alaska(UTC-9), and the third office is in Istanbul, Turkey (UTC+2).

Our first step would be customizing the menu file to display the options we need. Go to menu_descr.txt. Locate the line which says:

>>   0   2  N   Time Zone

This is the Time Zone setting. The format for the values: First is the internal value (which is actually the UTC offset of the timezone), and then a hyphen, and then the text string presented to the user in the on-screen clock interface.

Now let's modify the line:

>>   0   2  N   Time Zone               S,L,TZ,3-Alaska;16-Istabul;27-Taipei;    ^

This takes care of the on-screen menu. Now let's edit the file for the Web interface menu. Locate Time_htm_descr.txt, and in it locate the following line:

>>TZ Time Zone               B,L,0--12;1--11;2--10;3--9;4--8;5--7;6--6;7--5;8--4:30;9--4;10--3;11--3:30;12--2;13--1;14-0;15-+1;16-+2;17-+3;18-+3:30;19-+4;20-+4:30;21-+5;22-+5:30;23-+5:45;24-+6;25-+6:30;26-+7;27-+8;28-+9;29-+9:30;30-+10;31-+11;32-+12;33-+13;  ^

And change it to this:

>>TZ    Time Zone               B,L,27-+8;28-+9;29-+9:30;30-+10;31-+11;32-+12;33-+13;   ^

And now we have one last change to make. By default, the Time Zone is GMT (meaning, +0). But none of our offices is at that timezone. So we are going to change the default. This way, even when someone initializes the device, the time zone setting will still correspond to one of the offices and would be valid.

To do this, edit settings.txt and locate the following line:

>>TZ B       1      0       34     A   0

And change it to this:

>>TZ B       1      0       34     A   27

This effectivly sets Taipei as the default.

That's it. Try it and see if it works for you.

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