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09 Apr 2013

Firmware Update for Time Zone Issue

New version of TR610 firmware (5.00.00) is released for conformity to the current AggreGate timestamp mechanism. The timestamp is now unified as UTC time and TR610 can be set to its local time zone for correct time disply. For all AggreGate versions before version 4.50.00, you should still use the older firmware (4.00.01), for all versions after, you should use the latest firmware.

30 March 2010

New TR610 Firmware and Manuals

We have just posted a new major version (3.03.00) of the TR610 firmware, along with its source code. This is a major release, bumping TR610 from 2.x to 3.x, and adding a new "white list" feature. The manual has also been extensively updated. Get the files at the Downloads page.

16 November 2009

New TR610 Firmware

We have just posted a new version (2.02.05) of the TR610 firmware, along with its source code. It's mainly a bugfix release, with new LCD support and some changes in web login delay. Get it at the Downloads page.

10 August 2009

New TR610 Model with Mifare

In addition to the existing TR610R, we have now released the TR610MF equipped with a Mifare proximity reader.

Changing Logo

  • Execute all steps on the Programmability page, so that you have TIDE, it's running, the TR610 project is loaded, and your TR610 is selected as the target.

  • In the project tree, go to giga.bmp:


  • Use the on-screen editor to edit and change the image to your liking:


  • Go to File > Save File to commit your changes to disk.


  • Go to Project > Rebuild All and Upload


  • Once the process is complete, watch your TR610 closely as it boots. You will see your new logo flash across the screen.

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